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Each year, Trevor conducts church services in more than 25 different churches from a variety of traditions. Knowing that he works with children, many congregations invite Trevor to lead their all-age worship, but he also enjoys preaching, leading services for the ‘grown-ups’ and speaking at church weekends away.

These invitations are really important to Trevor and to the work of Synergy. They provide good opportunities to encourage and inspire people to be involved with youth and children’s work and to bring people up to date with the work of Synergy. Most importantly of all, Trevor is given the opportunity to present the Good News of Jesus to young and old alike.

Of course, working with churches isn’t simply about leading services. If you think that Trevor might be able to support the work of your local church, let us know what you have in mind.

Churches: Quote

“Trevor leads worship in a way that helps all ages to gently meet with God; his songs are special, his themes and visuals well considered and we always enjoy having him with us.”

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