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Trevor conducts assemblies in 15 local primary schools and most of them invite him in each month. He carefully plans the assemblies to be fun and enjoyable, but also to encourage the children to consider what they think of the Christian message. It is important to Trevor that he builds a good working relationship with the staff and that he is supporting them in educating the children about the Christian faith.


As a result of this relationship, Trevor is often asked to support schools in other areas of their work. For example, he is often put on the spot in the classroom by children asking searching questions about Jesus and about what it means to be a friend of Jesus.

During the lockdowns of the Covid-19 epidemic, Trevor provided recorded video assemblies for children at home and live 'Zoom' assemblies for children in school.


Schools: Quote

“Trevor helps me to know God better in a way that is unique and child-friendly”

(Year 6 child)

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